Léčebné lázně Bohdaneč a.s.

Léčebné lázně Bohdaneč a.s.

Léčebné lázně Bohdaneč, a.s., provides spa treatment of the locomotor system with a focus on inflammatory rheumatic illnesses, arthrosis, vertebrogenic syndromes and Bechtěrev’s illness. The spa provides treatment of long-term ailments, pre-operative and post-operative conditions and traumatogenic rehabilitation. The facility has earned a very good reputation in the field of rehabilitation of total endoprosthesis. Léčebné lázně Bohdaneč, a.s., is a sought-after location, not only for treatment, but also for provision of preventative care, rest and relaxation. The product packages and wide range of services on offer are also suited to these needs. Despite the modern equipment and therapeutic procedures, the spa retains its calm, 100% Czech atmosphere to this very day. Accommodation is offered in several spa pavilions surrounded by lots of greenery.


Masarykovo nám. 6
533 41 Lázně Bohdaneč

GPS: 50.076436, 15.680945


+420 466 860 860



Jun 24, 2017Jun 25, 2017

Kutná Hora

A Gothic celebration recalling the glorious traditions of the royal mining town Kutná Hora.
A Gothic celebration recalling the glorious traditions of the royal mining town Kutná Hora.


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