Priessnitzovy léčebné lázně a.s.

Priessnitzovy léčebné lázně a.s.

The Priessnitz Spa and Sanatorium is located on the slopes of Studniční vrch, about 2 km from the town of Jeseník. The picturesque complex of the Priessnitz Spa is sensitively incorporated into the landscape and forms a dominant feature of the wide surrounding area. The spa offers high quality *** accommodation in stylish spa houses and guesthouses. All accommodation capacities are located in calm surroundings, ideal for spending a quiet holiday. For those who are paying themselves, a wide range of spa stays is on offer – with a curative, therapeutic, sports or tourist focus.


Priessnitzova 12/299
790 03 Jeseník

GPS: 50.2401750, 17.1847453


+420 584 491 111





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