Znojmo Music Festival

Jul 9, 2015Jul 26, 2015

Music and wine in the backdrop of the beautiful renaissance town of Znojmo.

This festival brings a wide variety of music styles from classical and cymbal to jazz together with Znojmo wine. Each year the focus is on the music of a renowned composer whose spirit permeates all concerts and other events. Concerts are often held in the open air and try to show off places where they are usually not held, and every gig offers in addition a test of wines from local winegrowers. And because good wine deserves delicious food, some of Znojmo restaurants have prepared a special festival menu.



GPS: 48.84845083589778, 16.0675048828125


Znojemský hudební festival, občanské sdružení
Hrnčířská 1/246
669 04 Znojmo-Přímětice




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