Sloup rock castle and hermitage Sloup rock castle and hermitage Ladislav Renner 1

Sloup Castle

Sloup: visit a rock castle and hermitage

Climb the Knights’ Stairway to the top of the cliff and discover the rock castle and hermitage of Sloup, a place shaped by the hermits who frequently resided here throughout the ages. In the rock face you can see small rooms carved in the rock, a dungeon, and underground spaces – a chapel from 1693 and three artificial caves. On the walkway is a replica of the original wooden statue of a hermit with a telescope in his hand. The southeast wall is decorated with a sundial created by the hermit Václav Rincholin. Weddings and concerts are held in the rock church. From the look-out terrace you can see a stunning panoramic view of the Lusatian Mountains. Tours can be taken independently or with a guide.


Ke Hradu 125, 471 52 Sloup v Čechách

GPS: 50.73992169305683, 14.58783286820732


+420 487 753 583

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Come and enjoy the unique atmosphere of a prestigious ski race!
Come and enjoy the unique atmosphere of a prestigious ski race!


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