Slavonice underground Slavonice underground Stavební huť Slavonice. 1

Slavonice underground

The Slavonice underground: an adventurous walk under the cobblestones of the town

Take a look under the skirt of this beautiful Renaissance town on the border of Bohemia, Moravia and Austria and enjoy a bit of adventure. An intricate system of medieval underground corridors, which has not been completely mapped to date, spreads out under most houses in the centre. This was created due to the fact that the townsfolk wanted to rid themselves of the water which was flooding their cellars. But the sophisticated system also performed another function: it was a source of drinking water and in times of danger also a hiding place for those who needed it. Take a walk through these unique corridors which were carved by hand using hammers and chisels without the use of gunpowder. It is also worth having a look around on the surface – wonderfully decorated houses can be found in the centre of Slavonice as well as historical monuments in the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles.


378 81 Slavonice

GPS: 48.9988875316227, 15.351505498290976


+420 777 038 978



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