Plzeň underground Plzeň underground 1

Plzeň underground

A city under a city: the Plzeň underground

Visit a labyrinth of corridors, cellars and wells under the cobblestones of the city of Plzeň, which was established from the 14th century onwards. The city’s underground had an important job to do – preserving food, housing craft workshops, still-houses and malt houses. 


Veleslavínova 6, 301 14 Plzeň

GPS: 49.74870489800855, 13.380594174266776


+420 377 235 574

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Standard fee: 100 Kč

Children fee: 80 Kč

Family fee: 220 Kč

Senior fee: 80 Kč

Student fee: 80 Kč

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Aug 11, 2017Aug 13, 2017


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