Na Pomezí Cave

Na Pomezí Caves: a unique karst phenomena

North of the village Lipová-lázně, between the Na Pomezí saddle and the Smrčník massif, is the largest Czech karst cave system, formed by dissolving marble, or crystalline limestone. Of its total length of 1.7km, a 390-metre section is accessible. Here you can admire the erosion-modelled walls creating cascades and the rich stalactite decorations, which are simply spectacular. You will pass through tall, narrow corridors which widen into smallish domes. Definitely do not pass up an opportunity to visit this unique national natural heritage site, which attracts tourists from the Czech Republic and abroad.


790 61 Lipová-lázně

GPS: 50.24566791896046, 17.13515303552242


+420 584 421 284





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