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Gustav Mahler House in Jihlava

The multicultural birthplace of Gustav Mahler

Come and visit the birthplace of the world famous composer Gustav Mahler: a Jew, who spoke German, but who came from the Bohemian region of Vysočina. In Gustav Mahler’s House, you will learn about his early years, on which the coexistence of Czechs, Germans and Jews left its mark, and of the ups and downs in the composer’s life. The exhibition also traces the influence of Czech folk music on his work and you will discover more about his stormy relationship with the composer and sculptor Alma, who in turn married not only Mahler, but also the famous architect Walter Gropius and the writer Franz Werfel. You will gradually learn about all of this accompanied by music with the aid of period photographs, personal items and an audiovisual projection.


Znojemská 1089/4, 586 01 Jihlava

GPS: 49.39367498079007, 15.59150151431652


+420 567 167 133





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