Šumava - Black Lake Šumava - Black Lake 2
Šumava - Chalupská slať Šumava - Chalupská slať Ivanka Čištínová 3
Šumava Šumava Ivanka Čištínová 4
River Vydra River Vydra 5
Šumava - Prášil Lake Šumava - Prášil Lake fotobanka CzechTourism 6
Šumava - Schwarzenberg Shipping Canal Šumava - Schwarzenberg Shipping Canal fotobanka CzechTourism 7
Lipno - skating track Lipno - skating track fotobanka CzechTourism 8

Šumava in the summer

Šumava – king of the wilds

Endless dense forests, crystal-clear glacial lakes, lofty slopes, wild rivers and mysterious peat bogs veiled in the mist – this is the Šumava, a mountain range extending along the border between Bohemia and Germany and dubbed “the green roof of Europe” for its location and its uninterrupted forest.

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Hotel Srní

West Bohemia
Visit the heart of Šumava National Park, where you will find Hotel Srní. Its restaurant is renowned for its Czech and...