Krušné Mountains - Klínovec Krušné Mountains - Klínovec Radovan Smokoň 1
Podkrušnohoří Podkrušnohoří Jan Watzek 2
Krušné Mountains - Moldava Krušné Mountains - Moldava Jan Watzek 3

The Krušné Mountains in the summer

The Krušné Mountains: Silver mines in the rugged border zone

The Krušné Mountains are like the Klondike of the Czech Republic. Famed for their silver mines, plus their large deposits of uranium and tin, these peaks were inhabited by tough characters who earned their daily crust extracting precious ores from the bowels of the Earth. When the Sudeten Germans were driven out of the region after WWII, the Krušné Mountains became a kind of no-man’s land. Drawn out hills extend across the landscape and thick woodland, widescreen views and a dense network of trails once again draw people here to get active, visit historical towns in the foothills and take a cure at the local spas.